OREANDA-NEWS. The appearance of SpaceX was a challenge for the Russian company, but Rogozin sees this as positive.  He also said that the superheavy class launch vehicle being created in Russia will be four times cheaper than the American one.

 Dmitry Rogozin spoke at the Mashuk youth forum, which has been held since 2010 in the Stavropol Territory.  As part of the event, young people can communicate with dignitaries, public and cultural figures.

 He specified that the state corporation is currently working with private Russian companies and talented entrepreneurs.

 “Let them not make rockets, but they already make separate devices, separate systems. That is, we, too, are cultivating such colleagues through public-private partnerships that will create competition for our enterprises,” added the head of Roscosmos.

 “The fact that Musk has appeared is also good for us.  We rested on our laurels, everything was wonderful with us, 40% of the entire launch services market was under control, and now the challenge is, ”said the head of the state corporation.