OREANDA-NEWS. The Sverdlovsk regional court dismissed the case of Yekaterinburg resident Vladimir Taushankov, who was shot dead by SOBR soldiers in his apartment after stealing wallpaper. This was announced on Wednesday, April 28, according to the court's website.

This was done in connection with the death of Taushankov and with the consent of his parents to dismiss the case. The prosecutor opposed it. Judge Andrey Mineev noted, that the post-mortem examination twice found Taushankov insane.

Mineev, as the correspondent of the Russian media «E1» reports from the courtroom, he also ordered to return four rolls of wallpaper from the «Leo» store to the seller, Taushankov's clothes to his father, and his folding knife and bullets found at the murder scene to be destroyed.

Taushankov was killed on the night of June 1, 2020. According to investigators, he stole four rolls of wallpaper worth 3342 rubles (about $44) from a construction store and locked himself in the apartment. The security forces stormed him and shot him dead. At the same time, the National Guard first said, that Taushankov had «an object similar to a machine gun», and then said, that it was a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The IC filed cases against Taushankov on robbery, the use of violence against a representative of the authorities and an attempt on his life because of the spray spray. At the same time, the IC found no evidence of a crime in the murder of Taushankov and refused to conduct an inspection.

The case was considered in closed mode. The judge explained this with information about Taushankov's health and the case materials, that constitute a state secret.