OREANDA-NEWS. The government commission on legislative activity has approved a project allowing bailiffs to seize passports from debtors who are restricted from traveling abroad, Vladimir Gruzdev, chairman of the board of the Russian Lawyers' Association (AYR), told RIA Novosti.

"The prepared initiative provides for the possibility of confiscating foreign passports from citizens who, for some reason, are restricted from traveling abroad. Including foreign passports, according to the proposed norm, are subject to confiscation from persons recognized as restricted to travel abroad due to their failure to comply with court decisions," he said.

Gruzdev, a member of the commission, noted that the seized passports in all cases should be sent to the issuing state authority.

"In other words, the debtor, after fulfilling his obligations, will be able to get back his passport at the migration service. The initiative gives the authority to seize passports to the interrogators of the compulsory enforcement service," the interlocutor explained.

He added that the project introduces an obligation for all bodies that have decided to ban travel abroad in relation to a particular citizen, to bring this information to him.

"During the day, an electronic notification should be sent or information provided personally against signature. If the debtor is recognized as restricted to travel abroad, a copy of the corresponding resolution should be sent to him," the chairman of the board of the AYR emphasized.

According to him, the project provides for a number of other innovations. So, foreign passports will be invalidated and withdrawn if the owner changes the last name, first name, date of birth, gender.