OREANDA-NEWS. Due to the rapid advance of the militants of the radical Taliban movement in Afghanistan, the capital of the country, Kabul, can be taken under their control much earlier than Washington initially assumed: the city can be captured in 30-90 days, according to the US Intelligence Community. This was reported on Wednesday, August 11, by the Washington Post, citing unnamed sources from the US special services.

Recently American intelligence predicted the transition of Kabul under the control of the Taliban only 6-12 months after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Despite the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden stressed that he did not regret the decision to withdraw the US military contingent from the territory of this country and again defended this verdict. Afghans must now «fight for their own state», he said on Tuesday, August 10, at the White House in Washington. The American leader recalled that the government forces outnumber the Taliban, «but they must want to fight».

Meanwhile, the Taliban announced the capture of the ninth provincial capital in Afghanistan. In this regard, Joe Biden appealed to the political leadership in Kabul to unite and promised that the United States will continue to provide financial and military assistance to the Afghan security forces.

At the moment, the process of withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan is more than 95 percent complete. Soldiers of the German Bundeswehr and other NATO countries have already left the territory of this country.