OREANDA-NEWS. Soviet and Russian underground actor, artist/psychic Sergey Pakhomov, known by the nickname Pakhom, in conversation with Russian media NEWS.ru appreciated the prospects of the film «The Green Elephant» in Hollywood. He does not rule out that the West companies will want to reshoot the underground Russian film of 1999.

Pakhom explained why the movie makers might be interested in Russian cinema in 2021. Recall that over the past few days, there were news that Netflix bought the film «Chernobyl» by Danila Kozlovsky, the highest-grossing Russian film «Serf» decided to reshoot in seven countries, and the picture of the Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov «Petrovs in the flu» entered the main competition program of the Cannes Festival.

«The fact is that, in general, we all know that history is undulating, and especially trends are undulating. The last powerful interest in Russia was in Europe and America after the beginning of perestroika, and a certain breaking of the Iron Curtain. At the moment, the history repeats, that is, a request has occurred. Therefore, now Europe and America are rediscovering Russian culture, including Russian cinema», Sergey Pakhomov explained.