OREANDA-NEWS. Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie, who played the role of Mr. Abernathy in the series of films «Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them», on Friday, May 14, was sentenced to three years in prison for a sexual offense, reports the Scottish TV-channel «STV News».

According to the TV-channel, the victim of Guthrie in 2017 was his friend of 29 years. She was supposed to meet with Guthrie and his friend actor Scott Reed, but she became ill on the way, the men took her to Reed's house and put her to bed. In the apartment, Guthrie took advantage of the woman's helpless position and committed violent acts while Reed called the medical information service. The actor denied any wrongdoing, but his DNA was found on the victim's underwear.

It is noted, that the court in Glasgow found Guthrie guilty and imposed a sentence of imprisonment. The name of the 33-year-old actor will be entered in the register of criminals who committed violent acts of a sexual nature.

Guthrie also played roles in the films «Dunkirk» and «The Sun over Leith», as well as in the TV-series «The Game is From England».