OREANDA-NEWS. A new study from Aviva suggests technology could be changing the face of possessions in UK homes.

Findings detailed in Aviva’s latest Home Report reveal that one in 10 people (10%) say they have no hard copy books in their homes. This rises to one in five households where inhabitants are aged 18-24.

There is also a seeming demise of traditional leisure pursuits such as board games and cards which appear to have fallen in number in households over the last decade.

The average number of board games, packs of playing cards and packs of dominoes per home has dropped over the last 10 years, while the number of households who do not own these items has risen as the table below shows:

  Average number per home 2006 Average number per home 2016 Percentage of homes with none 2006  Percentage of homes with none 2016
Board games 4.0  3.2 25%  34%
Packs of playing cards  1.8 1.7  21% 27%
Packs of dominoes 0.9 0.7 44% 54%

On the flip-side, the number of internet-enabled devices is steadily growing.

A YouGov survey in April 2015 suggested that UK homes had an average of 7.4 internet enabled devices. Aviva data suggests that this figure now stands at 8.2 items across all households, rising to 10.9 in homes with children. This takes into account tablets, phones, smart TVs and other connected devices such as security cameras and remotely-operated thermostats.

Type of device Average number per household (all households) Average number per household (households with children)
Desktop PC 0.8 0.9
Laptop PC 1.5 1.8
Tablet 1.5 2.0
Internet-enabled phone 2.1 2.8
Internet-enabled games console  1.1 1.7
Smart TV  0.8 1.1
Other connected devices e.g. smart security camera / remote thermostat 0.4 0.6
Average total 8.2 devices 10.9 devices

Lindsey Rix, MD, Personal Lines Aviva UK General Insurance says:  “It’s clear from our research that our possessions are changing as the world advances, with traditional pastimes often making way for modern alternatives.

“As their belongings change, it’s important that people think about whether their home contents insurance is still appropriate for their needs. For example, it’s a good idea to check whether the level of cover is still adequate, and if people have a lot of tech devices, they might want to think about taking out cover against accidental damage - particularly if there are children around! The boom in portable devices such as tablets and phones, means people may also want to consider personal belongings cover which protects items when away from the home.

“Everyone’s home is individual to them and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to what people keep in them. From books and board games, to tablets and TVs, we just want to make sure that people’s prized possessions are protected from the unexpected.“

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