OREANDA-NEWS The regulation of neuroreceptors will help defeat lung cancer, scientists said.

Researchers from the experiment found that when processing with a water-soluble modification of the Lynx1 protein, the division of cancer cells, which subsequently die, is stopped.

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) regulate signal transmission in the peripheral and central nervous system, but they have also been found in the cells of the epithelium and the immune system, Medikforum reports with reference to Plos one.

The presence of a7-nAChR receptors in malignant cells affects the appearance and development of tumors in smokers.

Specialists were able to isolate the ws-Lynx1 protein, which when lung carcinoma (cancer) is added to the cells, significantly reduces their number after 72 hours.

Also scientists found that the addition of ws-Lynx1 cancels the effect of nicotine, which provokes the growth of cancer cells, and leads to their death.