OREANDA-NEWS. According to the report of the Accounts Chamber “Determining the main reasons that restrain scientific development in the Russian Federation,” the main problem in this sphere is insufficient funding. Costs are growing, but still lagging behind developed countries.

In terms of the relative costs of science, Russia is in 34th place (1.1 % of GDP), in terms of costs per one researcher it is in 47th (93 thousand US dollars). As for the number of patent applications, the country is almost 16 times behind the USA, and 38 times behind China. The level of scientific publications was also recognized as insufficient: just 5 % of Russian articles in the Scopus database for 2018 were published in journals that are in the top ten in terms of citation (in the USA this indicator is 22 %, in Germany 19 %, in China 17 %).

Among the other reasons for the inefficiency of science, the imperfection of the system is named: there is no state support mechanism; the mechanism of examination of scientific and scientific-technical results assigned to the Russian Academy of Sciences is not applied. The Accounts Chamber also notes the lack of demand for development results from business and poor staffing.