OREANDA-NEWS.  Artificial intelligence helps the capital's radiologists to detect signs of coronavirus based on the results of computed tomography (CT), on average, the process takes 6.5 minutes, according to the website of the mayor of Moscow. Artificial intelligence technologies are used in the capital to diagnose coronavirus infection using CT studies. All city polyclinics and hospitals are connected to the service.

"Over a year and a half, neural networks have analyzed more than a million studies for the diagnosis of COVID-19. Also, thanks to digital services, the average time to receive a conclusion is 6.5 minutes, and in emergency situations, the attending physician receives the radiologist's protocol within five minutes after the study," the report says.

It is added that the protocols and snapshots of the studies can be obtained at mos.ru and in the application "EMIAS.INFO" via a request in the electronic medical record. "Since the research is carried out with the help of sophisticated medical equipment, the result is provided in the form of a high-quality detailed image in DICOM format," the report says.

It is added that the archive has a special program for viewing these images. Links to download the archive are valid for five days from the moment they are received.