OREANDA-NEWS. Brazilian scientists reported that air temperature in Antarctica exceeded 20°C for the first time in history of observation. This figure was recorded on February 9 on Seymour Island located near the Antarctic Peninsula. The new value (20.75°C) is almost one degree higher than the temperature registered on Signy Island in January of 1982 (19.8°C). Specialists call the new temperature record incredible and abnormal. However, their data should be confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Earlier, the WMO reported that the average global temperature in January–October of 2019 was approximately 1.1°C higher than during the pre-industrial period. Due to global warming, two Indonesian islands went under water. The UN believes that if urgent measures to combat climate change are not taken, by the end of the XXI century the average temperature on the planet will rise by more than 3°C.