OREANDA-NEWS. The stadium-sized asteroid 2020 XU6 will approach Earth on February 22. This is reported by NASA JPL. According to scientists, the size of the space object is 213 meters. It will fly past the Earth at a distance of 4 million kilometers. Also, the asteroids 2020 BV9 and 2021 CC5, the size of which is comparable to an airliner, will approach the Earth at a distance of 5.6 million kilometers.

In December 2020, NASA reported that five asteroids were approaching Earth. According to the agency, it was about asteroids ranging in size from 10 to 24 meters in diameter, the nearest of which passed at a distance of 343 thousand kilometers from Earth. Also, an asteroid with a diameter of 6.8 meters approached the planet and will pass at a distance of 57.1 thousand kilometers from Earth. Another celestial body with a diameter of 30 meters was moving almost 7 million kilometers from the surface of the planet.

Earlier, scientists reported, that the asteroid «Apophis», potentially danger to the Earth, changes it's orbit. This can lead to a collision of celestial bodies. However, it will happen, according to forecasts, in 2068. This space object was discovered in 2004 by a team led by David Tholen from the University of Hawaii. The asteroid «Apophis» caused humanity to worry, when it turned out, that it has a number of approaches to the Earth.