OREANDA-NEWS. Existing coronavirus vaccines have different durations of protection. These terms in conversation with "Moscow speaking" were named by the infectious disease doctor and vaccinologist Evgeny Timakov.

According to him, the longest and strongest immunity develops after Sputnik V. Moreover, the vaccine has unpleasant side effects such as malaise, muscle pain, fever, pain at the injection site.

Earlier, the Gamaleya Center reported that the antibodies vaccinated by Sputnik V had been retaining antibodies for nine months.

According to the expert, EpiVacCorona is considered more refined and contains less load protein. It is easier to tolerate, but gives a shorter lasting effect. "If immunity from Sputnik V is one or two years, then from EpiVacCorona for about six months or a year."

The infectious disease specialist noted that all domestic vaccines protect against known strains of coronavirus, but if the infection seriously mutates, then it is more effective to use "CoviVac" from the Chumakov Center. It ranks second in terms of duration of protection. “This is an old known technique for producing vaccines where the whole virus is taken. It is inactivated, cleaved, but all of its pieces are present in the vaccine, and immunity is developed for all components of the virus,” the immunologist said.