OREANDA-NEWS. CGG GeoSoftware has completed the launch of a series of innovative new releases from across its reservoir characterization product portfolio. The delivery of Jason 9.5, HampsonRussell 10.1, InsightEarth 3.0.2, PowerLog 9.5, EarthModel FT 9.5 and VelPro 9.5. marks the next stage in GeoSoftware's strategy to offer a full suite of powerful and complementary software solutions that integrate multi-disciplinary workflows to overcome the most complex subsurface challenges in all types of reservoirs. New capabilities cover the geoscience spectrum, including geophysics, geology, petrophysics, geomechanics and reservoir engineering, providing E&P companies with fresh insights on their assets to help them reduce drilling risks and boost production results.  

GeoSoftware applications offer workflows that can be tailored to fit specific project needs, offering greater flexibility and driving stronger collaboration for the best possible results. With the combination of these latest versions of Jason, HampsonRussell, InsightEarth, PowerLog, EarthModel FT and VelPro, clients will find a full suite of integrated and advanced technology to enhance their seismic-to-simulation workflow that they can plug into their own preferred petrotechnical platform and processes.

Sophie Zurquiyah, Chief Operating Officer, Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir, CGG, said: "GeoSoftware's enhanced capabilities substantially advance our clients' ability to accurately characterize the subsurface and gain the greatest value from existing software products and investments. Further integration within the GeoSoftware platform will expedite delivery of new capabilities across all our product suites, as well as streamline cross-product workflows for our clients. Ongoing innovation in our geoscience-based software is evidence of our commitment to help our clients overcome tough challenges from exploration through production."