OREANDA-NEWS. Heat abnormal for May in several Russian regions will lead to massive forest fires in summer. Russian scientists shared this opinion with "URA.RU".

Forests "cannot quickly rebuild" to the 30-degree heat at the end of spring, said Alexei Karnaukhov, a leading researcher and expert on natural disasters at the Federal Research Center "Pushchino Scientific Center for Biological Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences." He explained: "Pines, fur-trees - they grew in that climatic zone when they were still seeds, and global warming makes the climate hotter, drier, and therefore forest fires have become such a natural disaster."

Climatologist and candidate of geographical sciences Ekaterina Pestryakova agrees with him. According to her, if this trend in the weather continues, then it is worth waiting for massive forest fires.

She also drew attention to broken glass and bottles that people leave in nature, which, like lenses, can also lead to fires. She said: “People throw glass over there, even in the city - it can lead to fire. The glasses are like lenses in the forest, somewhere,” she said.

On May 18, a temperature record was set in Moscow. The air warmed up to 29.2 degrees. The previous record for May 18 was set at the end of the 19th century.