OREANDA-NEWS. To obtain accurate data on the presence of antibodies to coronavirus, tests should be taken in the same laboratories. This is reported by RBC with reference to experts.

According to the executive director of the Family Doctor network of clinics Elvira Sokolovskaya, about 150 different types of test systems are currently used in Russia. They differ in sensitivity, quantitative and qualitative assessment of antibodies and antigens used.

"Two results obtained at different times, but performed by the same quantitative method, can be compared with each other," explained Dmitry Denisov, medical director of the Helix laboratory service.

He emphasized that each medical laboratory uses its own indicators and reference values, so it is better to test for antibodies in the same place, where the study will be carried out using the same method on reagents from the same manufacturer.

According to the Medsi network of clinics, the results of a qualitative assessment of the amount of antibodies depend on the batch of reagents used in the laboratory. "WHO has released the NIBSC 20/136 standard, regarding which it became possible for manufacturers to develop test systems based on it. At the moment, there are no such registered systems in Russia," the network noted.

According to experts, tests also differ in the production of antibodies to different elements of the virus and to different classes of antigens.