OREANDA-NEWS Experts in the field of astronomy reported that in 2022 the inhabitants of our planet will witness the emergence of a new star. The object has already arisen, but so far its light is not visible.

In the course of regular astronomical observations, the researchers recorded the emergence of a new star in the region of the constellation Cygnus at the beginning of the third century AD. The celestial body is located at a distance of 1800 light years from our planet, which is why it is believed that the star originated in the third century. Now the light from the flashed star should reach the Earth, and it needs time for this. Astronomers speculate that this will happen in 2022.

Then, according to the predictions of experts, there will be a peak in the creation of the star. This process will cause the release of a huge amount of energy. It is this light that earthlings will have to see in three years.