OREANDA-NEWS The Center for Digital Expertise of Roskoschestvo asserts that no one is safe from buying a device with a defective battery, but an explosion or fire due to aging of the device or its overheating can be avoided.

Firstly, it is recommended to use a branded charger or blocks certified by the manufacturer.

Secondly, the device should not be overheated. It can not be left in direct sunlight, put under the pillow. In the process of charging, it is better not to run energy-intensive games and processes that are “heavy” for a gadget; this threatens to double overheat and shorten battery life. This does not apply when the charge level is full. Yes, and the usual use of the device on charging is safe for the battery.

Fourth, you should not carry a smartphone in the back pocket of your clothes: if you sit on it and on a hard surface, the battery may explode.

Fifthly, if you see that the battery is swollen, the device cannot be used, since chemical reactions have begun that may cause an explosion.