OREANDA-NEWS The first of October is celebrated in the world as the International Day of Older Persons. Italy is one of the ten countries with the highest life expectancy according to various organizations. For women, this figure averages 85 years, for men - almost 81.

According to Italian geriatrician Silvia Vitali, the main secrets of this phenomenon are restraint in nutrition, physical activity and work on mental abilities in old age, which help to preserve longevity.

Silvia Vitali added, that in addition to taking a careful approach to diet and physical activity, to the extent possible, stimulating mental activity can help as well, especially when a person is moving into an older age around 75.

She told, that physical activity in old age is a really necessary tool that has been shown to be effective in preventing circulatory and mental problems. According to her, when the cardiovascular system protects itself, the brain benefits most of all.

Hobbies for old people are also important, and if they engage in a more interesting activity, then it can lead to a better result.

She also emphasizes that long-livers usually prefer a low-calorie diet and small portions. So it’s important to get up from the table when your stomach is not completely full, and it is an indicator of restraint.