OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists of NUST “MISiS” created a unique composite material for use in nuclear reactors under severe temperature conditions.  The strength of the material has tripled compared with the strength of its individual components.  About this writes the publication "Naked Science".

 To create a new generation of fast neutron reactors, new structural materials are needed, because steel, which is considered for use in the shells of fuel elements, becomes unable to withstand the required heat of 550-700 ° C.

 "We found a way to increase strength and temperature stability at the same time. This is the high-pressure torsion that a material based on layers of steel and a vanadium alloy is subjected to. The composite thus obtained showed very high strength, plus it can withstand temperatures up to seven hundred degrees Celsius  "Says Stanislav Rogachev, one of the creators of the new material for reactors.