OREANDA-NEWS The first product that helps cleanse the liver of toxins is garlic. Just a couple of its parts will be enough to activate the body and speed up the process of removing harmful substances from the body. Garlic can be consumed both raw and as a spice for salad or dish. Do not forget about green tea, which contains a large number of antioxidants. Therefore, lovers of hot drinks need to give preference to it. Well-chewed walnuts are an excellent way to remove ammonia from the human body.

The next product that helps cleanse the liver are cold-pressed oils, which include: flaxseed, corn and olive. Experts believe that they should be in every home, as their beneficial properties for the body are not limited to detoxification.

And the last products that do an excellent job of eliminating harmful substances from the liver are all kinds of herbs. They contain a lot of chlorophylls, and have a strong effect. These substances remove not only toxins from the human body, but also chemicals along with heavy metals, and also lead to the purification of blood from dangerous compounds.