OREANDA-NEWS Roscosmos said that asteroid 2009 JF1 will fly past the Earth. Previously, it was considered a potential threat to Earth, but it turned out to be safe. It will pass by our planet at a distance of 23 million kilometers, the Telegram channel of the Russian corporation reported.

Astronomers have found out that he will come to a «date» with the Earth not on May 6, as previously thought, but on May 15 at a completely safe distance of 23 million kilometers.

The Russian Space Systems Holding (part of Roscosmos) has created a competence center for the development and production of its own printed circuit boards, the state corporation said. The holding, as a system-forming instrument-making company and the main domestic manufacturer of radio-electronic stuffing for satellites, will have to provide the entire space program with advanced components, according to the Roscosmos website.

The company announced the creation of a competence center for the production of printed circuit boards from domestic raw materials and materials – the foundations of microelectronic devices.

A closed production and technical complex with a full set of special equipment that minimizes the influence of the human factor is organized at the site in Moscow.

«Multilayer printed circuit boards of a wide range with a high density of topology and mounting are the basis of on-board electronic equipment of rocket and space technology products, including nanosatellites, satellites for the Internet, television and radio broadcasting, navigation equipment, remote sensing of the Earth and multifunctional space stations», the message says.