OREANDA-NEWS. A vaccine against tuberculosis, a stabilizer for a car chassis, a cheaper way to obtain solar energy, a system that distinguishes an intelligent bot from a person, entered the top ten inventions for 2020, which Rospatent shared with RIA Novosti.

Experts said that one of the inventions - a polyantigenic vaccine for the prevention and auxiliary treatment of tuberculosis - has a double effect: on the one hand, it protects against infection with tuberculosis, and, on the other hand, allows an already sick person to recover from tuberculosis.

The second on the list was the automatic control system of the vehicle's trajectory movement with the function of directional stability - a conditional stabilizer. It is specified that the system helps to cope with the problem of loss of directional stability by eliminating the deviation of the vehicle from a given trajectory.

Another important invention is a new method for producing needle coke, which is used, for example, in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The new invention solves the problem of import substitution.

The Internet industry has proposed a new technology, which is an original computer algorithm, which allows you to distinguish an intelligent bot from a live operator and thus prevent the actions of fraudsters.

Among other important inventions, the following are named: technology for producing expanded polystyrene, which prevents ignition and self-combustion; low height antenna; a surgical device in which laser radiation will automatically probe biological tissue in order to detect nerves and blood vessels, and which will allow doctors to more confidently perform neurosurgical operations; a unique kit for identifying causative agents of infectious diseases; an innovative method of passive determination of the coordinates of hydroacoustic radiation sources will help in the study of the World Ocean; as well as an invention in the energy industry - a simple and cheaper, and at the same time more environmentally friendly way of creating solar cells based on minerals - perovskites.