OREANDA-NEWS. Representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the European Union agreed on collective measures for mutual recognition of vaccination certificates against coronavirus. This fact was announced by the media of the Russian Ministry.

"The course of negotiations on mutual recognition of vaccination certificates between the Russian Federation and the European Union continues," the message says. During the working meeting, the parties agreed to carry out a series of expert consultations in order to coordinate the key legal and industrial characteristics of the recognition of certificates.
Until now, false information about the Russian vaccine continues to appear. So, the British newspaper Daily Express published an article that when creating Sputnik V, they allegedly used the developments of AstraZeneca. The publication apologized for the fake, but left the title almost unchanged.

Meanwhile, restrictive measures are being tightened all over the world. So, South Korea plans to introduce vaccination passports. Fully vaccinated citizens will be able to freely attend mass events, public and state institutions.
Strict quarantine measures are already in effect in the Bulgarian capital and surrounding areas. Mass events are prohibited in Sofia. In addition, theaters, cinemas and fitness centers are allowed to fill only a third.

And in China, they do not give up trying to find the source of the coronavirus. Experts plan to examine blood samples of Wuhan residents taken from October to December 2019 for the presence of antibodies. This will allow you to get a more accurate picture of the beginning of the spread of infection.