OREANDA-NEWS. As the well-known Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov stated in his telegram channel, the natural "frost-resistant", as he put it, the character of the Russians is a unique chance in the fight against a massive attack of the coronavirus.

The doctor urged to perceive COVID-19 as a natural phenomenon and not make it worse than it is. Myasnikov is sure that now is not the time for disputes, but the only real way out of the current epidemiological situation is vaccination against COVID-19. According to him, vaccination does not have serious side effects, is not required for people who have already had the disease, and is also unnecessary for young Russians and children.

Myasnikov also expressed his opinion on the origin of the coronavirus, agreeing with the position of Beijing, which denies the origin of the coronavirus in its territory. The doctor noted that the theory of the emergence of the virus in Wuhan is a distraction, since at the very beginning of the pandemic in different regions of the world, people began to get sick simultaneously.

The doctor believes that the media is promoting the theory of a "single outbreak" regarding the origin of the coronavirus, but in fact, in his opinion, the exact origin of the virus remains unknown to scientists.