OREANDA-NEWS. As the head of the department of resuscitation and intensive care of the department and clinic of infectious diseases of the Military Medical Academy (VMA) named after Kirov Elena Koudelka, the success of the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection, including the elderly, depends on their own attitude.

According to her, the results of coronavirus therapy are worse if the patient is detached from the disease and wants doctors to treat him without any help from him.

Elena Koudelka, quoted by the RF Ministry of Defense, fundamentally disagrees with this position. She and her colleagues are confident that the success of treatment is largely predetermined not only by the work of the medical staff, but also by the patient's mood. That is, the patient himself must take an active part in the treatment. She believes that such an approach can be called an example of mutually beneficial cooperation between a doctor and a patient, which is very important in any disease.

The head of the department said that there were several aged patients with coronavirus in the WMA who reacted just like that to their disease and recovered safely.

As an example, she cited the case of a 63-year-old man who was on ventilation. "He had a burdened history associated with oncology. But when I went to his ward, I saw that his eyes betrayed fatigue, but the man was firmly convinced that he would definitely survive. And so it happened - he was discharged," the doctor said.