OREANDA-NEWS. It will be possible to increase the efficiency of the work of medical institutions and personnel through a special application that can determine the degree of fatigue and brain activity. The innovative project was developed by the Omsk medical student Yegor Khoroshkin. He presented his work at the All-Russian competition "Clever Man" and became one of the winners.

The development of student Yegor Khoroshkin will bring the notorious time management to a new level. A future mobile application will playfully be able to determine the level of fatigue depending on the type of occupation.

The application developer clarified: "As long as these are IT specialists, designers, medical workers, journalists and writers, so that there is a minimum of time in which a person does nothing. When the muse leaves and nothing goes at all, and we sit, sit, sit, we have to switch For this we use the Corsi test, which is simple but proven to be effective. "

The test system is still only in draft form. However, in 2 years the expression "to sit on the phone" will acquire a new meaning - that is how much time was given to all the winners of the "UMNIK" contest. Eleven young residents of Omsk received half a million grants for the development of their projects.