OREANDA-NEWS Speaking at the conference Experimental Biology 2019, scientists said that they were able to prove that the desire to eat snacks and drink drinks is controlled by the same chain of neurons.

Caitlin Coker of the University of Pennsylvania in Hershey (USA) says that binge drinking and obesity have long been two of the most common health problems in the United States. He suggested that they may be associated with disorders in the same areas of the brain. Therefore, the tendency to one of them, for example, gluttony would increase the probability of the second.

More recently, scientists have learned that the brain of alcoholics begins to perceive alcohol as a "normal" food, preferring it to all other types of food. Just observation showed that those people who periodically drink alcohol, there are problems with excess weight and eventually there is alcoholism.

Caitlin Coker learned about it, watching the lives of several dozen mice addicted to alcohol. She divided the mice into 3 groups. Mice from the first group had constant access to fatty foods, but only occasionally received portions of alcohol.

Mice from the second group ate normal food, and also had the opportunity to drink alcohol only occasionally, and mice from the third group could drink alcohol as much as they wanted, and eat fatty foods at any time.

These experiments confirmed their suspicions. Rodents from the third group drank much more alcohol, and their weight was constantly changing, due to the fact that they drank a lot and ate little fatty foods and them ate a lot and drank little.

This experiment confirmed that the desire to eat and drink alcohol are interrelated