OREANDA-NEWS   A resident of the Scottish city of Inveruri believes that the decision to apply a self-tan saved her from a deadly disease. She told her story to the Daily Mail. 

In April 2020, Lorna Cobb, now 30, gave birth to a daughter. Two months later, the young mother decided to pamper herself: she used a face mask, painted her nails and applied self-tanning.

While applying self-tanning mousse, the woman found a plum-sized seal in her left breast. The woman was afraid that she had cancer, and went to the doctor. But the trainee doctor reassured her and stated that it was a blocked milk duct. He advised her to apply warm compresses and forcefully massage the seal.

Two months later, Cobb was hospitalized when, during another massage, her health deteriorated sharply. Doctors diagnosed her with advanced breast cancer and said she would need chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

She encourages other people to regularly check their health and seek medical help in a timely manner.