OREANDA-NEWS NASA has contracted with SpacX to send equipment - Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, IXPE - into space to study the radiation of black holes.

This mission with a budget of about $190 million is aiming to help scientists to study neutron stars with the powerful magnetic fields, black holes and “pulsar wind nebulae”.

NASA equipment will take place in April 2021 on the rocket Falcon 9.

SpaceX is proud that NASA trusts their proven launch machines to deliver important scientific instruments into orbit. IXPE will be their sixth contract with NASA. Two of six missions have already been launched with a great success in previous years, increasing the agency’s capabilities in the field of scientific observations.

Earlier it was reported that on July 8, a fire occurred on the test site of the Starship spacecraft from SpaceX. The company doesn't say if the incident related to the testing apparatus.