OREANDA-NEWS. Doctors note that the death rate from stroke in Russia is decreasing: over the past ten years it has fallen by 45%. Experts attribute this success to the development of emergency medicine, including the creation of a network of vascular centers throughout the country. Victims are often quickly rushed to the hospital, and in stroke, it is the speed of care that increases the chances of recovery.

At the same time, the number of cases of stroke, on the contrary, is growing. The disease is getting younger, and young people 20-30 years old are already at risk. Only 8-10% have a stroke without serious health consequences. And for every third person, it is repeated throughout the year. In general, diseases associated with cerebrovascular accident - strokes, stenoses, aneurysms - remain one of the main causes of death and disability in Russia.

Ekaterina Milova, director of the ORBI Foundation (Society of Relatives of Patients with Stroke), is confident that fighting myths and misconceptions will help reduce the number of stroke cases.

According to the study, most Russians believe that the main cause of stroke is stress. At the same time, few people know that diabetes, atrial fibrillation or high blood cholesterol are serious risk factors for stroke.

One of the most disturbing myths, she says, is that a stroke is unpredictable and cannot be protected from it. Ekaterina Milova is confident that in most cases, stroke can be prevented if you take care of your health and control your diabetes, cholesterol levels, do not smoke and keep track of your weight.