OREANDA-NEWS. Nutritionist and gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova listed foods that have the most negative effects on the heart.

According to the specialist, fast food and convenience foods can have a negative effect on the heart muscle.

According to the doctor, fast food contains more salt, sugar and trans fats. Therefore, it can not only lead to a set of extra pounds, but also cause a stroke and heart attack.

In addition, such food is prepared using unhealthy cooking methods.

The nutritionist explained that industrial products are harmful, because you cannot be completely convinced of the quality of these products. Here you need to read the packaging very carefully.

Nuria Dianova added that synthetic flavor enhancers are added to semi-finished products, which have a detrimental effect on the heart.

Sugar is also added to industrial semi-finished products, although it should not be present there. This speaks of an attempt to "add to the taste". You should be on your guard if there is sodium glutamate in animal products, because with good quality of the original protein product, there is no need for a taste enhancer.

The doctor emphasized that food is considered healthy, in which vegetable and animal proteins are harmoniously combined.