OREANDA-NEWS. Russia does not make sense to participate in the lunar race with the United States, as it's goals are not fully understood, said the head of «Roscosmos» Dmitry Rogozin. He said, that he discussed this issue with the former head of NASA Jim Bridenstine and other representatives of Washington. Rogozin said, that not a single person in NASA was able to explain the essence of this action.

«To my simple question to the head of NASA Bridenstine, if you once again sit on the surface of the Moon, you will only prove, that you have finally reached the possibility of your own technologies 70 years ago, Jim just sighed heavily. That is why I have said publicly a couple of times that we will not participate in any race to the Moon until we understand the meaning of the prize fund,» Rogozin wrote in his Telegram channel.

He added, that Russia is developing it's own lunar program, which will cost the budget many times cheaper than the American one, but at the same time, according to Rogozin, it will give no less important results.

NASA plans to resume flights of astronauts to the moon. The next American landing on the lunar surface is scheduled for 2024. Russia plans to send the first space mission to the moon in 2030.