OREANDA-NEWS. Immunologist Ilya Kukin called the "biggest" mistake of those who have had coronavirus and who want to add earlier phisical loading. He told about this in an interview with the newspaper "Evening Moscow".

According to the expert, after suffering the coronavirus, people should postpone intensive training. In his opinion, before returning to full-fledged training in the gym or at home, you need to prepare your body for such tests. The doctor noted that trying to regain previous athletic performance can overload the body. Overloading the body, in turn, can result in severe post-like conditions or cause repeated illness.

The immunologist advises those who have had coronavirus to get in shape gradually in order to avoid post-viral complications.

The specialist noted that at first a person who has recovered will lack endurance due to the biochemical processes that took place in the body when cells, including muscle cells, were destroyed. That is why, when athletes reach the same intensity of training, the body cannot provide the necessary strength due to a lack of energy. Therefore, people must "return" the body to recovery, so that it regains the potential that it had in its normal mode.

For this, according to the doctor, it will take about a month. Such a maximum period is needed to eliminate all risks of relapse. And gradually, starting with small steps, over the next month, a person who has had a coronavirus will be able to return to the results that he had before the illness.