OREANDA-NEWS. The appearance of undesirable reactions to the coronavirus vaccine is useful for the human body, since in this way the immune system is trained in the vaccinated person. Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told «Radio 1» about this. According to him, every person has a post-vaccination process, it's just that some people have it more strongly. The specialist said that the most common reaction to vaccination is pain at the injection site and fever, which can be accompanied by headache, weakness and muscle pain.

«It is impossible to call this an undesirable reaction, since it is a training of the immune system. That is, when the body fights the virus, the temperature rises», he said. He explained that adverse reactions to the vaccine are absolutely normal. They are present in all vaccinated people after the immune system responds to the introduction of the vaccine. In the case when these reactions occur violently, people experience discomfort, Bolibok explained.

Earlier, the head of Roszdravnadzor Alla Samoilova reported that about seven thousand reports of adverse reactions to the coronavirus vaccine were recorded in Russia. According to her, this is 0.018% of the total number of people vaccinated in the country.