OREANDA-NEWS Arseniy Shcheltsin, who is the CEO of ANO Digital Platforms, spoke about various levels of telephone wiretapping. This is reported by the agency "Prime".

The simplest level is the telephone line. At the hardware level, activation of the phone is required, as well as a microphone. Wiretapping at the operating system level allows you to listen to any user devices without their knowledge, while at the software level listening is carried out through applications that have access to a microphone and camera.

The expert noted that Internet telephony is also not protected from such incidents. For greater security, you should use proven crypto phones, as well as your own means of communication, including conferencing installed on the server. Such a solution is safer for establishing communication between company employees.

On January 24, Israeli Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev instructed his department's employees to study the update of the "Wiretapping Law" and the "Search Law". "The existing legal mechanisms for wiretapping telephone conversations and conducting operational search activities are outdated," he said. Minister Bar-Lev urged to focus on the technologies of the 21st century when changing acts.