OREANDA-NEWS. According to Express, citing virologist Sunday Omilaba, a new strain of coronavirus found in Nigeria may have higher pathogenicity.

He noted that from a clinical point of view, they have more people with more severe signs and symptoms of the disease. According to the virologist, the CDC of Nigeria and the African Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease Genomics have identified the 501 mutation, but more tests are needed.

According to the virologist, the strain also has a higher spreading rate than previous variants. So, according to Omnilabu, one person can easily transmit the disease simultaneously to four or five family members.

The scientist noted that mutations are a natural phenomenon for any virus, but more severe forms of the disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus require a very careful study of the newly discovered variant.

The fact that a new strain of coronavirus had appeared in Nigeria became known at the end of December. According to the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a new strain of coronavirus was discovered in the study of samples from two patients collected in the Nigerian state of Osun.

Doctors consider this variation of the virus to be new based on two or three of its genetic sequences.

It is reported that earlier new strains were identified in the UK and South Africa, after which many countries around the world returned restrictions on air travel.