OREANDA-NEWS. According to the honored doctor of Russia, pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko, the greatest danger to others is presented by people who have already had COVID-19 and after that refuse to wear personal protective equipment and take due precautions.

According to the medical specialist, even after the disease, the coronavirus infection remains in the upper respiratory tract. The doctor recalled that everyone, without exception, needs to wear masks, regardless of whether they have already suffered a coronavirus or not.

Alexey Agranovsky, professor of Moscow State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, agrees with his colleague. He adds that the most dangerous places are places where there is a high risk of infection - places with no open air circulation. On the air "Moscow speaking", he named public transport and gyms among the most dangerous, and also noted the safety of being in parks. Also the scientist recalled that the coronavirus spreads by airborne droplets, for example, by coughing.

Meanwhile, the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection is not getting better yet. The day before, the maximum number of cases of infection was detected in Russia - 21 608. In total, 1 858 568 people have been infected in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. 32,032 people died, 1,388,168 patients recovered for the entire time.