OREANDA-NEWS. Endocrinologist-nutritionist Tatyana Filippova revealed whether it is possible to lose weight without effort with the help of ginger. This is reported by Channel Five.

The expert noted that ginger contains a large amount of useful substances, for example, vitamins C, B1 and B2, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, nicotinic and linoleic acids and others. They help speed up metabolism. At the same time, the doctor dispelled the popular myth that excess weight can go away on its own, without effort.

The doctor explained: “By itself, ginger and its constituent substances cannot contribute to weight loss and reduction of body fat. The belief that ginger promotes weight loss is akin to finding a magic pill and some magic way to lose weight. "

She added that getting rid of those extra pounds can only be done by completely changing your lifestyle. For example, a sedentary office worker should take up swimming in the pool, avoid fast food, and cut back on alcohol. The endocrinologist added that otherwise ginger would only be a useful food supplement, but nothing more.

Earlier, nutritionist-nutritionist Arina Skoromnaya gave advice on how to lose “winter” pounds gained in cold months and in a pandemic without complicated exercises. She recommended walking more at a fast pace, and training is best done in the fresh air, and not in the city.