OREANDA-NEWS Experts found that students and schoolchildren who do not enter into a romantic relationship are not inferior to peers in social skills. This is stated in the scientific magazine Journal of School Health.

In a new study, scientists found that adolescents who weren’t in a romantic relationship had good social skills and a low level of depression compared to peers who had a couple. However, they felt better or the same as their friends who met. During the experiment, 594 students of 10th grades were interviewed. Researchers compared four dating groups using teacher ratings and student profiles. The results disprove the notion that non-relationships suffer from social problems.

Scientists are convinced that schools that promote health should promote social norms that promote healthy development. In particular, refusing dates will be one of the options. School health workers, mental health professionals, and teachers can promote these standards. They should support the individual freedom of adolescents, and also remind that the desire to have a relationship or the decision not to rush with this is equally acceptable and useful.