OREANDA-NEWS. Vaccination can help prevent the development of the so-called postcoid syndrome, which manifests itself in the form of weakness, depression and cognitive decline. Alexey Vodovozov, a physician-therapist of the highest category, shared this opinion with "Ura.ru".

He said: "It looks like vaccination cuts off the covid tail. If this is confirmed in randomized clinical trials, we will receive not only a preventive vaccine, but also a rehabilitation vaccine."

An experiment must be carried out to prove it, the specialist added.

“We would vaccinate the experimental group with a post-tail tail, but not the control group, and see what works and how,” Vodovozov explained.

A similar opinion is shared by the vaccinologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Evgeny Timakov. According to him, in rehabilitation centers for those who have recovered from COVID-19, "in principle, vaccinated people are not observed."

"Post-coid syndrome occurs when the immune system fails and the coronavirus multiplies in all organs of our body. Accordingly, having a preliminary defense function, we are saved from post-coid syndrome," he said.

An active vaccination campaign is underway in Russia. Residents of the country have access to the drug "Sputnik V", in addition, in some outpatient clinics it is possible to vaccinate with "EpiVacKorona" and "KoviVacom". Sputnik Light is recommended for revaccination.