OREANDA-NEWS. Recently, China National Environmental Monitoring Centre issued a report on air quality of 74 cities in April where PM2.5 monitoring was carried out for the first time; the report showed that the comprehensive index of air quality of Chongqing in April was 3.04, and that the air quality of Chongqing ranked the 16th among 74 cities, which was greatly improved based on the 31st place in March.
Chongqing city proper enjoyed good air quality for 25 days in April, accounting for 83.33% of total days of April. As a result of drought and other reasons in the fist quarter of this year, air quality of Chongqing city proper deteriorated dramatically compared with the air quality in the same period of last year. Fortunately, the air quality was improved in April along with weather improvement.
By May 19, Chongqing city proper has enjoyed good air quality for 18 days in May, with only one day exceeding the standard. As explained by an expert of Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau, continuous good air quality in May is mainly attributed to good weather; in addition to this factor, a series of effective dust-reduction and dust-control measures taken in Chongqing are also an important factor that promotes the improvement of air quality.