OREANDA-NEWS. All companies in the food service business will have to keep credit records on product quality, which will be the basis of financing and other support for further development in Hebei.

The provincial government looked for ways recently to control the rapid growth of the food industry, where most of the suppliers are small and widely scattered. There were also cases of companies losing their credit and ethics in the food processing business and this has been a big concern for local people.

The new credit records will be consulted whenever a company applies for financial assistance, pays taxes, or looks for more or land or wants to expand the business. Any that fails to meet national standards or have a bad food safety performance record will be added to a blacklist.

To guarantee food safety, the government will do more to sort out companies that failed to meet safety and cleanliness rules for products and get tougher in punishing those responsible.

Holidays and large events with many people taking part will be a key focus of the food safety personnel to avoid accidents and the watchdog is asking local people to take part in the supervisory process and provide more information to reduce the use of unsafe food products.