OREANDA-NEWS In the Crimea on border with Ukraine finished installation of a fence and the alarm system. This was reported in the press center of the Crimean border Department of the Federal security service.

Works on construction of a barrier on the Russian-Ukrainian site of border were conducted in the North of the Crimea.

"The planned construction of the boundary of engineering and technical facilities and setting up a complex system of alarm sensors in the area of The Perekop isthmus has been completed," the Agency informed.

Recall that in 2015, the year began planning and development of the future fence between Crimea and Ukraine. The erection of the fence and adjustment of the equipment is now fully completed. And the whole complex of security alarm system was put into operation. Initially, it was planned to complete the fence before July 2018.

The entire border consists of several types of barriers and stretches for a distance of more than 60 kilometers. There are several hundreds of sensors of different types of action on the fences – there are hidden, there is an open type. Some are equipped with television surveillance systems, including thermal imaging equipment. Such equipment will allow to provide more effective control over the terrain in the dark and in conditions of poor visibility, explained in the Crimean border Department of the Federal security service.

Two alarm systems are installed at the border. The basis of the first is vibration sensors, which transmit information in the form of an alarm when the intruder approaches the fence; the basis of the second is radio – beam sensors, which include video cameras with night vision and video transmission.

It is noted that such systems have already been successfully tested by border guards on the Northern and far Eastern borders of Russia, as well as in areas with the most acute situation, due to the high risk of committing offenses on the state border.

Initially, the fence began to be built because of possible threats from Ukraine, including possible attempts to break through sabotage and intelligence groups from the Ukrainian side.