OREANDA-NEWS. Belarusian lawyer Sergei Zikratsky, who has represented in court the interests of journalists who are involved in politically motivated cases since 2020, has left Belarus. «The evil, that is happening in my country today is done by specific people» who «have nothing to do with Belarus», the lawyer wrote on Facebook on Monday, May 3.

Zikratsky intends to continue «doing everything possible» to change the situation in the republic. «Unfortunately, in the current reality, I can't do it in Minsk», he said, adding that he is temporarily in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.

«I was deprived of my favorite profession, deprived of my business. Should I resent and be angry with this country? To be indignant — yes, to be angry at the country — no», the lawyer stressed. In March, he failed to pass an extraordinary certification and was deprived of his license to practice law.

In Belarus, protests against the falsification of the results of the presidential election on August 9, which the CEC again declared Alexander Lukashenko the winner, have not subsided for almost 9 months. The demonstrators accuse the authorities of fraud and demand new, fair elections and the release of political prisoners, as well as an end to the arbitrariness of law enforcement officers against the protesters.

Thousands of people, including dozens of journalists, were injured, arrested and detained during the protests. Several people were killed. Recently, the protests have been local in nature. The opposition formed a Coordinating Council for the transfer of power, but in the end, all the members of the presidium of the Constitutional Court were either arrested or ended up abroad. The European Union has imposed sanctions on Lukashenko and his entourage.