OREANDA-NEWS. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov continues consultations with coalition partners on possible ways out of the crisis in connection with the massive protests that have been continuing in the country for four weeks, and is considering the possibility of his resignation.

The head of government stated this on August 5, speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the political party Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria, which he leads. The party forum was attended by several thousand people.

“I am not afraid of the… government, but I don’t believe Radev [Bulgarian President. – Ed.], I don’t believe that the elections will be fair. I will continue talking with the coalition partners, I will suggest an option in which I leave, and the government will continue its work,” Borisov said.

The first mass protest action took place in Bulgaria on July 9. Demonstrators demand the resignation of the government and Chief Public Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev. The cabinet, in their opinion, is corrupted, and during its work it was unable to provide a prosperous life for citizens, decent wages that would allow them to work in Bulgaria, and not in other European countries. Protesters accuse Geshev of attacking the country’s President Rumen Radev and breaking the law.