OREANDA-NEWSThe Western liberal model of development is increasingly losing its attractiveness, it is being replaced by multipolarity. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the annual meeting with students and teachers of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian media reported.

The Western model of development implies the loss of part of national sovereignty - this is what is considered globalization in the West, however, such a model is no longer a role model, the minister noted. “Moreover, many citizens of the Western countries themselves are skeptical of it,” he added. A common vector for global development today is set by a polycentric world order: new centers of economic growth, financial strength and political influence are emerging, for example, countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Multipolarity requires compromise and a balance of interests, and diplomacy should play a leading role in this, Lavrov stressed. However, Western partners at the head of the United States do not want to come to an agreement, they are trying to impose their approaches, trying to maintain centuries-old domination in the world, although from an economic point of view, the United States can no longer single-handedly solve all the issues in the world.

Despite the fact that the US is still the leading power in the economy, their role is declining: the economies of China, India and a number of other countries are booming, and as a result, the Americans can no longer compete honestly. Washington and his allies are trying to control the secretariats of international organizations in order to promote ideas that have not been interstate negotiations, Lavrov said.

The minister also said that lately Russia has increased its prestige throughout the world.