OREANDA-NEWS. According to the results of a survey conducted by the independent, nongovernmental polling and sociological research organization Levada Center, the activities of the opposition politician Aleksey Navalny are approved by 20 % of Russian citizens.

Researchers interviewed 1,605 people. Half of them do not approve of Navalny’s activities, and 18 % do not know who he is. In May 2013, a poll by the Levada Center showed that 59 % had not heard of the oppositionist.

Currently, 21 % of the respondents felt sympathy for Navalny after the news of his poisoning, 19 % felt bewilderment, and 45 % did not feel anything. 2 % of Russians said they were satisfied.

29 % do not believe that Navalny has been poisoned. 26 % answered that they “rather do not trust” this version. Just 11 % of respondents are convinced that the politician was poisoned. Among them, 30 % are sure that either Russian President Vladimir Putin, or the Kremlin administration, or the government, or the State Duma, or the ruling party United Russia, or the Federal Security Service are behind the poisoning.