OREANDA-NEWS. Germany has no limitless opportunities, and its economy is not ready to repeat the restrictions that the authorities were forced to impose in spring due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. This was claimed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a press conference after a meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states.

The politician recalled that Germany adopted a budget that implies 250 billion euros of debt this year. “Therefore we cannot afford a second wave [Of the coronavirus pandemic. – Ed.], as it was in spring, with the same economic consequences,” she said.

The Chancellor pointed out that the significant growth in the number of infections is observed in the country, therefore Berlin should make efforts to manage with this. “What we do in the coming days and weeks will be critical to how we get through the pandemic. Everything must be done to control the number of infected people and track their contacts,” Merkel said.

Photo: globallookpress.com, Russian Look