OREANDA-NEWS Rising prices, lower incomes and the inability to solve the problem of employment are the main claims of Russians to the current Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, according to a survey of "Levada - center". More than 50% of Russians supported the resignation of the government, according to a survey conducted in December 2018.

According to the study, 53% of the respondents voted for the resignation of the current Cabinet of Ministers to some extent, 40% were against it. The main claim to the government, the majority of respondents said the problems associated with rising prices and falling incomes (57% of participants). In April 2017 was 44% and in August 2016 — 42%.

More than a third of Russians (36%) are convinced that the current composition of the government can not cope with the crisis in the economy. 30% of respondents said that the Cabinet of Ministers had no thought-out program of economic development, the study says.

Respondents also believe that the government

  • can't provide people with work (46% in December 2018 and in April 2017 - 24%);
  • does not care about social protection of the population (43 in December 2018 and in April 2017 - 31% respectively);
  • can not cope with the crisis in the economy (36 in December 2018 and in April 2017 - 23%);
  • corrupt and acts primarily in their own interests (32 in December 2018 and in April 2017 - 29%).

The sociologists interviewed also spoke about the low professional level of the Cabinet of Ministers and the government's lack of a well-thought-out program of the country's economic development.

7% of the country's citizens have no claims to the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The survey was conducted on December 13-19 last year among 1.6 thousand people over the age of 18 in 136 settlements of Russia, 52 subjects of the Russian Federation.